A general strike at UC Davis

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Far and away the most serious use of solidarity (which is not violent) is the general strike. Having everyone or nearly everyone in an area refuse to work, and instead take to the streets, is a organizational nightmare: it makes everything else in the area stop functioning and is a rather dramatic reminder that it is the day-to-day consent of everyone which keeps things running.

The general strike is a political tool, and a tool of the labor movement. It relies on public sympathy for the cause of the strike. If there's anything which footage of officers hosing down unresisting protesters (especially white, young and affluent protesters, for the obvious reasons) can do, it's moblize public sympathy.

I am a fan of general strikes, as a gesture, and despite how difficult it is to get one organized and to convince enough people to participate, I think it will turn out to be a decisive tool for change here in the US, preferably without any injury.

The student, staff and faculty of UC Davis are organizing a general strike on November 28th, in response to the horrifying response of the UC Davis police department and general administrative waffling on the subject. Oakland held a fairly large strike themselves at the end of last month/beginning of this one.

Here's to hoping that there is more done to resolve the problem with police brutality in CA and the economic woes than just the suspension of a few officers and an apology.

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