My partner is a Skyrim widower

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He sent me the link to this. I laughed, one of those ha-ha-ha-ow noises. I'd like to say I don't resemble good sections of this, but I'd be lying.

Number five on that list is a boring, scatterbrained personality: the author uses the example of cooking to skill train (I'm going to guess he means alchemy.) This is where I confess that in the last week, since I got Skyrim, I've earned a perfect 100 skill score in smithing, two-handed weapons and lock-picking.

And my long-suffering partner has actually made me sandwiches while I've done this. I may need to slay dragons for him.

Number four is a problem with authority. I have a list of unfinished quests a mile long.

Number three is rampant OCD. I believe this encompasses my partner's observations of me playing:

Habits from playing Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, Wizardry and Castlevania die hard. I can't pass something which can be picked up without looking in it, just in case. Damn my carry limits!

I also suffer from number one. I wander through a dungeon, kill someone and retroactively find out hours later that it was a quest. Story, what story? I want my sandbox.

Baby, if you're reading, I'm just going to go ahead and apologize ahead of time. Arkham City unlocks in two days.

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