My Compassion is in My Other Pants

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I continue to be surprised, though I shouldn't be, at the stubborn obtuseness of conservatives. As a nerd, I understand that stuffs on the interwebs is forever. I am aware, just due to the subjects I chose to write about, that I may do some damage to my career prospects with this blog.

I find it amazing that people don't understand this: the internet, diffuse as it is, is like a giant recorder. Once on that sucker, the information could be anywhere; it's impossible to utterly get rid of it.

George Tierney appears to not understand this fairly small, simple precept. Sandra Fluke, since her testimony to Congress, has faced a river of nasty comments from public figures such as Limbaugh, in addition to random persons who listen to that kind of garbage. George Tierney joins the onslaught a bit earlier this year.

TBogg, Daily Kos, Balloon Juice, and Raw Story have all had something to say about Tierney, especially when Tierney's response was to threaten to sue TBogg and Firedoglake for posting about him. My sympathy is definitely lowered by the threatening language he aimed at Fluke, but even more so because his response to criticism of his tweets was to threaten to sue people.

He apparently rented a backhoe and crew when he started to dig that hole.

Social networks and/or public profiles are considered to be in the public domain, meaning that anything you put on facebook, or on OK Cupid, or on Twitter, is considered to have been volunteered information, which you cannot and do not retain the exclusive rights to, partially because, as the last link discusses, copyright does not apply to short phrases and words which are not being used for commercial purposes. Invective cannot be copyrighted, especially not when it is used on a site whose terms of service place it squarely both in violation of user rules and within publicly searchable information.

Tierney, you are so boned right now. And, since my compassion is in my other pants, I join the chorus in laughing at you.

Edited to add: It's not even defamation, jackass.
Further edited to add more links of Tierney's threats/invective.

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