No condoms for us, thanks

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We like our STI, poverty and teen pregnancy rate.

My friends send me entertaining news snippets over google messenger. In today's case of I want my own moon base, one of the local Department of Health officials claims to have been pressured to resign because she went on the air to discuss condom use.

The city of my current residence has an unfortunate history of allowing religious sex ed programs to dictate what is taught to teens in public schools. From what I hear about the subject (my students, when it comes up), despite overt lip service to the use of birth control, the sex ed around here is still mostly of the "you're going to die of an STI, you filthy whores" variety.

My state is #4 on the 2010 infection rates for chlamydia, but we wouldn't want to offer accurate, nonjudgmental information about sex to teenagers. That would be encouraging them to have sex, because, as we all know, teenagers are incapable of conceiving of sex without information given at school.

And they always respond well to fear tactics.

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