Fuck, Wisconsin, Why?

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Thank you, Wisconsin, for giving me another reason to drink. I was so fucking depressed last night that I couldn't bring myself to finish a post.

There are times when, looking at the political landscape, the trends I see teaching college, the problems I have being paid a living wage (I currently make $740/month teaching college), the general push to prevent our society (with implications for science and our future as a species) from finishing the transition to a global society, and general push to waste the talent and lives of the majority of the population (women, the poor and persons of color), and I just want to fly to a moon base and live in a very small community somewhere the fuck else.

Wishful thinking, of course. We take our problems with us.

Assuming that the results are representative of the actual voting, I suppose the thing I'm most astounded by (though I shouldn't be) is the willingness to vote in a way which obviously and demonstrably is not in the interests of the inhabitants of the state. Walker's policies are disastrous-- from the attempts to union break to the emergency manager he appointed which dissolved local democracy in Benton Harbor, for the purpose of possessing the natural resources around the town (though his stated intent was to help them deal with the town's debt.)

I mean, for fuck's sake, the emergency manager for that town literally dissolved the town's council, auctioned off the local AM radio equipment because town council used it to complain about having their elected authority stripped. Auctioning that equipment is illegal because it is federal equipment and intended for a nonprofit.

I don't want to understand. I don't want to know and understand. I don't want to understand the effect of the slow attack on schools and civics, or the entrenched resistance to preventing the waste of talent and lives represented by sexism and racism. I don't want to understand the fatalism which causes voters to bring back a man who is stripping their rights to safety at work, to fair pay and to long-term employment.

Fucking fucking fuck, I don't want to understand but I do. I understand the fear, the knowledge that there are no options, the desperation to hold on to what little one has, the racism which makes a black president so scary. I understand the fear of change, the inability to break from an authoritarian way of thought which seems like all there is.

Fuck, Wisconsin, I don't want to feel compassion for you.


Edit: In a supreme dur moment, I've confused Michigan and Wisconsin. I r a dumbass sometimes, sorry. The emergency manager is in Michigan, not in Wisconsin.

I apologize.

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