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I went, tonight, to the local skeptics drinking event. We were being visited by a representative of the Secular Student's Alliance, a big deal for our small group. I went alone, simply because I wanted to spend a little time alone.

I feel a bit like I should apologize to her, after tonight's events, even though I know she knows it isn't my fault. I know it certainly isn't mine.

There is a gentleman who comes to that drinking event on occasion. In the last year, he's had a divorce. His ex-wife has been sending him tales of her exploits. His job has been ultra stressful. He's had little luck with dating. I have sympathy for him and his situation.

He spent the whole night touching me, pulling me into his lap, kissing my head and sniffing my hair, telling me what a wonderful catch he was and how much money he will be making soon. He alternated this with talking about what a cunt his ex was, and how all the women who want to fuck him look like his aunt, and want to use him for his money.

He's a big fella. I did end up punching him repeatedly, while he talked about women and aggressively hit on me.

I apologized to the SSA representative. I'm not sorry that I ended up punching the guy, especially since he pulled me off my chair repeatedly and into his lap, holding me tightly, kissing me and interrupting any attempt at conversation. But I'm sorry that the situation resulted in violence.

When he left, sexism came up. We talked about the problems with sexism in the online and offline atheist community, finally getting to the recent TAM discussions.

It's still a mystery to me that people can deny that there is sexism, and that it has an awful toll. Tonight was just another reminder.

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